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shitting on the bare titties of your female friend before you fuck her.
hey Rudy, I tried that dunny dump you told me about on old Mary last night and she bout kilt me.
by Butcher's Pal July 28, 2009
Shit streaked underwear that are left in public view. Examples; locker rooms, swimming pools, dressing rooms.
Did you see old Bob going down on that stripper at his retirement party?

No, I couldn't concentrate on that because he left his fuckin Dunny Pants laying under the TV.
by Butcher's pal July 18, 2009
the act of felating a paraplegic sibling or a disabled farm animal.
That Booby is one fucked up dude, he was dunny bobbin Archie after therapy.
by Butcher's Pal July 22, 2009
it doesn't matter.
Wait a minute Bob, you had sex with a calf? That's disgusting!
Fuggit, it waz perdy good. I'd do it agin.
by Butcher's Pal August 01, 2009
shit, pock marked with corn.
We were at Cornfest last night and I'm sure I'll have a visit from Kernal Dunny.
by Butcher's Pal July 24, 2009
lung mucose that contains actual lung tissue and often small sections of the liver and spleen. Expectorating this viscum is often a precursor to immanent death.
Toward the end Bob was gobbing up Dunny Oysters Rockafeller, talk about disgusting.
by Butcher's Pal July 27, 2009
anal sex
all in all last night was perdy good. We's titty fucked em, pussy sucked em and dunny fucked em. That there is a try fecta.
by Butcher's Pal July 25, 2009
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