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A character on "Da Ali G Show". Borat owns your soul. Kazakhstan's sixth most famous man, Borat Sagdiyev is a reporter for Kazakhstani television. He is traveling across America for his television show, "Borat's Guide to America", where he does crap like show old people naked pictures of his wife, tell people about his hobbies like shooting dogs, and worrying about "the Jew"
"My sister, she is prostitute."
"Why is that?"
"She like a...make money!"
by Butch Kid February 04, 2005
The best band ever. Fronted by awesome singer Roger Daltrey, master songwriter/guitarist Pete Townshend, Keith Moon, the best drummer in the world(John Bonham is overrated), and the best bassist, John Entwistle.
Listen to Quadrophenia, and try to prove me wrong.
by Butch Kid January 23, 2005
A piece of shit gaming website run by some asshole named MykeXero. The Card of the Day section has not been updated in over 7 months. You can be banned from their forums for up to 3 months for no reason(Happened to me twice), if you post a user-submitted article, it will most likely be taken down and a XC staff will pass it off as their own idea. This forum is known for having insane rules, such as any post under 2 paragraphs is spam(Never enforced, but if you don't post a card deck in the EXACT right format, your post will be moderated), but somehow all the assholes that reply to every post with "lol kthx i agree" get by the spam rule. ANY forum is better.
"whoa gj myke that rolz lol bye k ltr"
-Average XC Forum Post.
by Butch Kid January 15, 2005
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