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pretty much anyone from edmonton who believes that they are the best city in Alberta, Canada. They are by far the biggest tools in the world and think that they are modest by saying that they "don't believe they are the best city in the world but are better than Calgary", well i don't see how that's possible seeing as how Calgary is the best city in the world!!! They believe that they are the best because they have a mall and are capital of Alberta and that's it compared to their superior Calgarian counterparts who have the stampeders, a ski hill, the Flames, Gobal fest, and the Calgary Stampede!!!!!!!
Edmonton A-Hole: Hey everbody!!!! Guess what, I live in Edmonton, we've got a mall!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone Else: Wow... That guy's a real first class Edmonton A-Hole!!!!!!
by But head mcgee December 30, 2009

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