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5 definitions by Buster T. Foodcube

An arbitrary unit of measurement that is only used in reference to male genitalia.
I was at this party the other night, which was pretty much a sausage fest, and everybody was going commando. I think I saw at least one dillion dicks that night!
by Buster T. Foodcube May 24, 2010
27 16
A large black trashbag full of piping hot semen which is typically used in practical jokes. Occassionally, to their horror, a person might wake up inside of one.
"WTF, I'M IN A BOTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1"
by Buster T. Foodcube August 14, 2005
185 175
A cartwheel, in the midst of which a shit is accidentally taken.
"Trying to make a list using bullets and numbering in Microsoft Word is like doing a shartwheel."
by Buster T. Foodcube January 27, 2007
20 11
An orgy amongst the Borg (from the Star Trek universe).
"We are the Borg. Lower your trousers and surrender your brassieres. We will add your biological and technological concupiscence to our own. Your culture will adapt to service our Borgy. Resistance is futile."
by Buster T. Foodcube February 28, 2012
4 1
When it's more than dumb... it's DUMBUH.

(the normally-silent "B" is pronounced, and "uh" is tacked on the end of it to emphasize the irritation in the speaker's voice)
MOM: "Why don't you want to go on the Harry Potter ride?"

8-YEAR-OLD BOY: "I don't wanna go on the Harry Potter ride because it's DUMBUHHHHHHH!!!!!!"
by Buster T. Foodcube May 17, 2011
2 0