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Imaginary tape your life gets stuck in.
Person A: Suddenly my feet are feet of mud, it all goes slow-mo. I don't know why I'm crying...

Person B: You must be suspended in gaffa!
by Buster McGooo August 25, 2009
A snooty way of saying "by the way" that should be used with extreme caution.
Man: "What a lovely hawk, by the by, might that be a Ferruginous Hawk? Oh how lovely. Darling, can you believe it?"

Woman: "Dear, you sound so silly when you go off about hawks like that."
by Buster McGooo August 10, 2009
A silly sort of man that bumps into only the finest of chicks so as to say "Pardon me... by the by, what was yer name?"
Tom Creachy was alone at Vicky Lamborghini's Super Trooper party, he was only invited because he has a good deal of cash. He sees Trini Alligator (who is quite fine) and bumps his hip carefully into hers.

TC: "Oh... pardon me miss... by the by what is your name pretty thing?"

TA: "I don't want to do this you pardinbumper. Goodnight."
by Buster McGooo August 10, 2009

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