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chatango.com is a place where socially deprived teenagers from all across the world but mostly in the UK and the US come to chat and live in a fantasy world in which they build fake families and basically try to escape there real lives. The front of many of the websites that host a chatango chat are anime websites and the chats are supposed to be there so that the watchers can go to chat about the animes, but half of the time most of the conversation is the older people chatting about sex and drugs and sometimes there is a little conversation about how ugly,stupid,or dumb someone is. While the younger ranging from the ages of 12-14 normally partake in the ugly,dumb and stupid conversations.
www.animefart.com, is a place where the pervy-er of the chatango losers go to kill there minds but the real physio shit goes down on animeridge.chatango.com where they create fake families and even go as far as fake baby's in which the entire chat takes care of.
by Busted Your FACE November 08, 2008

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