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When the female licks down on the guy's dick and gives him a blow job while the male eats her out.
"Oooh...uhh...Ohhh, don't stop. Oh...keep going, I'm 'bout to orgasm, ohhh..."
by Busta Move July 04, 2004
A good hard smack across the face, generally in response to someone saying or doing something obviously stupid. The goomba equivalent of a pimpsmack, yet not exclusive to hoes as recipients.
"Hey, Jelly... you want a fresh one? You know we don't discuss Mr. Vitti's health outside the family".
by Busta Move April 13, 2005
It means you're horny, dude.
"My pussy is dripping I sooo have the general horn."
by Busta Move May 07, 2004
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