3 definitions by Busta Crevice

A collection of toilet paper and/or feces twirled around one's hair lining their chocolate starfish.
"I nearly cried when I tore out my dinggleberries."
by Busta Crevice March 13, 2005
fine, fly, select, butter, hot shit, cream of the crop, brillint, tight, hot, preferred, desirable, best, in
Flexin' choice gear.
(Flaunting as dressed in the latest in fashion and apparal.)
by Busta Crevice March 13, 2005

the TORE in "tore up" replaces negative words like "fucked," "beat," and "messed" in a phrase of dissatisfation.

Also used as an ACTION:

Succeeding beyond expectation.
"His grill is tore up!"

"Last night I tore it up! She'll be walkin' funny for at least a week!"
by Busta Crevice March 13, 2005

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