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3) Innocent way of saying "be quiet", usually by children who have done something naughty and wish to remain it being both confidential and secret.

4) The quickest way to abort a gossiping session.
I was just about to tell Jane about Dick's infidelity when Mom glared at me and said SSSHHH!
by BUSHIDODAN June 23, 2009
What a man calls the place where he goes to get married 'till death do him part.'
Well guys, say goodbye to my life cuz I'm headed to the trapel!
by bushidodan August 12, 2009
1) See "random hater raters" by Common Sense7

2) Individuals that may have a possible hormonal imbalance to the point which with they are unable to differentiate between innocent humor and delusional personal affronts.

3) People that despise living in an Urban Environment while consciously pipe-dreaming of a "Country-Side" lifestyle.
Why you callin' me ahh "URBAN HATER" yo....That SH*T ain't even in a REAL dictionary, .......for real, yo!
by Bushidodan June 23, 2009

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