2 definitions by BushBaybee

A person, male or female, that orally plays with used anal beads directly from an anus.
After all the time I knew Eric, I didn't realize he was an Anal Beadler until I accidently walked in on him sucking on his girlfriend's freshly used anal beads.
by BushBaybee December 14, 2009
1.The cross between a Mutant, Repitle, and Duckling. A completely ficticious animal, mainly used as an insult.

2. Although, in many case used in a loving manner as one's 'pet name'. 3. A way of expressing affection towards someone younger than you in a masculine form.
1. At the mall, my friend pointed a thing out that looked to be a Mutaling...she walked like a duck, looked like she was born in a sewer, and i think she had a tail. 2. After we made sweet love, Bob called me his Mutaling. 3. Stevecalled all his department Mutalings to the office to all give them hugs and candy.
by BushBaybee December 14, 2009

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