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Ahh Becker College where can I start? Well actually nowhere because there is nothing to say about a private school with about 1600 people, half of which live off campus. Another funny thing I learned about the school is that about 99% of the people who attend live 5 minutes away but insist on rooming. Also Becker has a zero tolerance policy for drinking, the biggest party i have been to was about 15 people, how cool is that! It's really a shame Becker didn't make the top 10 party school list. Campus police walks in and out of the dorms as they please; it’s really sweet of them to make sure everyone is safe. I wouldn’t even know where to begin in defining the type of kids who go to this school; lets just say they are far from preppy. Oooo sports here rule, seriously they are so good, just kidding we haven’t won a game in years. Well that about sums it up.
if you dont want to have fun and sit in your dorm room 24/7 then go to Becker College
by Burtney Burt September 23, 2007

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