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3 definitions by Burt Sanchez

Masturbating to relieve a physical ailment.
I had the worst hangover this morning, but after a little med-sturbation session in the shower, I was good to go.
by Burt Sanchez September 15, 2009
Women with ginormous boobs
Dude, that chick is totally hot. Nice face, nice ass, totally jugged-out. I think I wanna bang her.
by Burt Sanchez August 12, 2009
When a woman is riding a man during sexual intercourse, this is when his or her ejaculate drips down from her vagina and on to his testicles and and/or butthole to cause a warm tingling sensation.
...so at first i think this chick is totally peeing on me while i'm porking her. But then i realized it was just a good ol' fashioned hot sprite. Whew!
by Burt Sanchez November 25, 2009