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(1) The smell of a pussy.

(2) Taco Bell restaurant.

(3) A fragrant reminder of yesterday's visit to Taco Bell.
(3) (Rip a big one) "Sorry guys, but I have a bad case of Taco Smell".
by Burt Farp May 04, 2006
From the Cantonese "donphi" meaning "fart". Don Fee = male fart. (A female fart is Dawn Fee).
(Pull out your cell phone when you feel a fart coming on)
"Excuse me, I have to take this call from Don Fee Heating & Air Conditioning".
(Walk away to fart in private)
by Burt Farp May 04, 2006
Excuse my flatulence, please.
Pardon the gas,
it had to pass,
unfortunately for you,
it came out my ass!
by Burt Farp December 29, 2006
"Donphi" is Cantonese for "fart". From this Cantonese word comes the American slang word "Dawn Fee" meaning "a female fart". (A male fart is "Don Fee").
BILLY: "Bobby, did YOU fart?"

BOBBY: "Hell no! That's a DAWN Fee. Can't you tell?"
by Burt Farp July 31, 2006
G od
A wful
S tench

Fart, flatulence, ass gas, bean bomb.
J.T. released some G.A.S. in the elevator and almost killed us!
by Burt Farp December 29, 2006

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