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5 definitions by Burt Farp

(1) The smell of a pussy.

(2) Taco Bell restaurant.

(3) A fragrant reminder of yesterday's visit to Taco Bell.
(3) (Rip a big one) "Sorry guys, but I have a bad case of Taco Smell".
by Burt Farp May 04, 2006
59 14
From the Cantonese "donphi" meaning "fart". Don Fee = male fart. (A female fart is Dawn Fee).
(Pull out your cell phone when you feel a fart coming on)
"Excuse me, I have to take this call from Don Fee Heating & Air Conditioning".
(Walk away to fart in private)
by Burt Farp May 04, 2006
26 6
"Donphi" is Cantonese for "fart". From this Cantonese word comes the American slang word "Dawn Fee" meaning "a female fart". (A male fart is "Don Fee").
BILLY: "Bobby, did YOU fart?"

BOBBY: "Hell no! That's a DAWN Fee. Can't you tell?"
by Burt Farp July 31, 2006
13 1
Excuse my flatulence, please.
Pardon the gas,
it had to pass,
unfortunately for you,
it came out my ass!
by Burt Farp December 29, 2006
13 2
G od
A wful
S tench

Fart, flatulence, ass gas, bean bomb.
J.T. released some G.A.S. in the elevator and almost killed us!
by Burt Farp December 29, 2006
8 20