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The Dirty Burrito is were u either go to your local mexican restaurant and ask for a pancake roll or go to your local supermarket and buy some. Then invite a girl back to your place that you know has been baking a shit in her ass for days (make sure she has eaten a lot of fibre for a bigger shit, thats if your hungry as fuck). Then ask her politely if she wouldnt mind a bit of anal before she needs the toilet. When she says yes and your analing her wait till your about the cum and vigorously punch her stomach then jizz straight into her ass and as soon as you have pulled your cock out place the pancake on a plate and position it below her ass. She will begin shitting the jizz covered shit onto the pancake. When she is finished wrap efficiently and enjoy the delectable Burrito but don't forget ladies first and offer nicely.
Dude I had the most delicious Dirty Burrito last night she hadn't shit in 3 weeks and i think she was a vegetarian cause the Corn was amazing, but man it was fucking nutty and most of it was runny but it gave it extra flavour but i only had a little bit. I offered it to her and and she devoured the whole thing the slut!
by Burrito1089 September 09, 2010

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