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What come after the Xbox 360. All features unknown in 2005. Name not yet certified by Xbox or anyone.
Person1:When are you going to pick up your Xbox 720?
Person2:Xbox 720? Playstation 4 all the way.
by Burntsteel October 20, 2005
Short for Patron, a popular brand of tequila. Patrons fame mainly comes from it high price. Numerous hip-hop artists have referenced Patron (and recently Trone) in there songs.
"I'm in the zone must be the goose mixed with a lil trone"
-Baby Bash
by Burntsteel April 16, 2008
A new shirt urban dictionary is advertising.
Look to the right, if you don't see a shirt that says pizza is the best, then re-fresh the page.
by Burntsteel March 27, 2007

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