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1. Act of squatting behind a male and performing annilingus while also performing hand stimulation on same male's penis.

2. a brass wind instrument operated by moving a slide to create differences in pitch that has iron oxide on its surface usually from prolonged exposure to moisture.
Suze Q gave Herman a rusty trombone while he was playing his rusty trombone.
by Burnt Biscuit December 02, 2005
A derrogatory name given to the University of Tennessee's fight song, "rocky top".
Floppy cock you'll always be
home sweet home to me
Good ole floppy cock, floppy cock Tennessee!
by Burnt Biscuit December 07, 2005
Funny way to describe bowel movements.
About an hour after I ate turkey, I went upstairs to plant brown carrots.
by Burnt Biscuit December 09, 2005
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