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Absolutely beautiful town located on Georgian Bay. Very small, with a population of only 6500 people, it's very easy to get to know everyone but can also be very hard to find a place to fit in if you like to live outside the box.
For hockey lovers, this is the Home Of Bobby Orr and you will be told that every time you turn around.
Huge tourist destination, preferred by seniors and families with small children that like camping.
The world is full of spectacular locations, but there is only one place you can really have it all: breathtaking vistas, fresh water and warm hospitality are what make Parry Sound the four-seasons playground of the near North.
Nestled on the rugged shores of Georgian Bay, and home to the Charles W. Stockey Centre for the Performing Arts and Bobby Orr Hall of Fame, the Town of Parry Sound is just a short two-hour drive north of the Greater Toronto Area.
Tucked among the 30,000 islands, Parry Sound is adorned by the natural beauty of shoreline hiking trails, and the rugged pink granite of the Canadian Shield. This year-round destination is also home to many festivals, events and attractions.
Welcome to Parry Sound!
by Burningmoon January 26, 2011

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