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Reshitting is the act of taking your partner's stool, putting it into a freezer until it is hard.
Then inserting it into your own anus. Then when it warms, you push it out, thus "reshitting" what your partner has created for you to experience.
Shok wanted Sheri to experience the large stool he produced. After he froze it, Sheri inserted it into her anus so she could enjoy it also through reshitting.
by Burner71 October 23, 2007
Light Rage is the phenomenon of drivers purposely running red lights that are not camera monitored. Shok from JBM forums coined the phrase in 2006 after getting several tickets in the mail from running redlights. Whenever he saw and unmonitored light, he ran it on purpose.
In a fit of light rage, Gabe floored his Impala as the light turned red, getting back at the city for installing red light ticketing cameras around town.
by Burner71 November 29, 2007

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