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2 definitions by BurnMaster

The act of guys from Auburn after a long day of work using hotel hotubs as bathtubs.The water will immediatly turn brown with a skimcoat of scum on top.May also include lots of hair floating around the tub.
I was staying at the Clarion last week when I went down to the hottub only to find it was Auburn Stew. What a bunch of scumbags.
by BurnMaster July 21, 2009
One time I took a girl home from a bar and had anal sex with her.When I finished I had to take a piss but when I tried to push the pee out a long string of shit came out first.To me it resembled a brown worm.It must have been that her ass was full of shit and had packed my dick full of it.
I fucked my girls ass so hard last night I ended up with a brown worm!
by BurnMaster July 20, 2009