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Cynical Asshole Syndrome is a condition that makes the majority of things in everyday life seem shit and meaningless.

CAS usually develops as a person gets older but can occur from as early as birth.

It is believed to be linked to the following:

Popular Culture
Fucking Awful Hollywood Movies
TV Shows such as X-Factor, I'm a Celebrity, Big Brother and Jersey/Geordie Shore
Paris Hilton
TV Soap Operas
Justin Bieber
Having your heart stamped on by an ex-partner

PTD (Post Travel Depression)
Having shitty parents
Rebecca Black

CAS is infectious and can spread to other people. Infection becomes more likely to those that spend alot of time with a current CAS sufferer.

In extreme cases CAS can develop into Gothic Syndrome
To think of Mike as pessimist is a true understatement so he actually so pessimistic he must have Cynical Asshole Syndrome (CAS)
by BurnDownTheOffice August 07, 2011
Post Travel Depression.

PTD occurs when returning back home from traveling after a long period of time. Symptoms include loss of appetite, strong feelings of nostalgia, and in some cases, depression

PTD can last up to 1.5 times the original trip length.

In some cases PTD can develop into CAS (cynical asshole syndrome). This is usually brought on by some of your old 'non travel' friends spouting bullshit about lame ass TV shows, local issues that no one gives a fuck about and showing you pictures of their kids poo.
This time last week I was sitting on a tropical beach not having a care in world. Now I'm sitting in a fucking office listening to my colleagues talk shit about X-Factor. PTD has seriously kicked in.
by BurnDownTheOffice August 07, 2011

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