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A very good punk rock band formed in may 1974.They were first called El Huaso and the 101 All Stars, but the name was later shortened to the 101 All Stars And then to The 101ers. The most notible member of the band was Joe Strummer. (Later to become the frontman of The Clash. When Joe saw the sex pistols play, he was overwhelmed and knew that the bands days were over. He later joined the clash and the band was no more. The other members of the band didnt end their careers there either. Clive Timperley later joined The Passions, Dan Kelleher went to The Derelicts and Richard Dudanski went on to work with The Raincoats and Public Image Limited. Joe Strummer died in 2002 before he had a chance to release the band's full length "Elgin Avenue Breakdown" butit was later completed with the help of his widdow in 2005. This was the band's lineup:

Woody Mellor (Joe Strummer) - Guitar, Vocals
Clive Timperley - Guitar
Pat Nother - Bass (later replaced by Dan Kelleher)
Dan Kelleher - Bass (replaced Pat Nother)
Richard Dudanski Nother - Drums
Simon Cassell (Big John) - Vocals
Alvaro Pene-Rojas - Sax
The 101ers were a great band, but it's a pity that most of the world did'nt get to hear their music.
#the clash #joe strummer #punk #pub punk rock #punk rock
by Burn your green day albums November 15, 2005
Possibly the worst place on earth. Identical to every other suburbia just like it. All the houses were built in the 60's or 70's, falling down, and excatly the same as the house next to it. The only people living in this wasteland are old people and middle aged narcs with their preppy sons and daughters. All the kids play soccer, ride in huge SUV's that are totally unneccicary because its not excatly like schaumburg is in the middle of no where, and go to identical schools because the town was to cheap to hire different archutects. it is soon to be the future slum of america just like every other clone suberb out there.
Schaumburg, Illinois has got to be the worst place on earth. They should tear it down.
#suburbia #suburb #soccer mom #suv #nightmare
by Burn your green day albums October 16, 2005
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