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A person who spends a considerable amount of time in/around the legendary Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, CA. Phoenix rats are often labeled as degenerates, burnouts, or douche bags, though that's not always true.
local child: "The Phoenix rats think they're so cool sitting on the steps. They're always making hilarious comments to passersby as means of fun during their long day. It's intimidating. It makes me uncomfortable. They blow cigarette smoke at me. I heard that one night, ten of them mercilessly beat one drunken kid in a nearby parking lot, like a bunch of god damn, filthy cowards. At least they'll pay on judgement day."
#phoenix #pinner #pin #douche bag #stupid
by Burl Sonny August 20, 2006
your local police department
I'd sure love to blow the bacon strip sky high.
#cops #pigs #police #coward #bacon
by Burl Sonny August 20, 2006
A term used to adress a comrade, when a complete "dude" seems like overkill.

*pronounced all the way from doy to doo
"That's hella funny, doi."
#dude #man #dog #bro #fool
by Burl Sonny August 20, 2006
A "game" of high risk; a situation where one might potentially be burled, or suffer grave consequences.

*this term is often confused with the pinner city of Burlingame.
He's out this late? With all those Phoenix rats looking for him? Damn, doi... he's playin the burlingame.
#burl #burly #sketch #sketchy #haggard #pinner #pin
by Burl Sonny August 20, 2006
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