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Google is a very useful search engine, also an evil empire
As a verb it is to "Google" something if you don't know where or what you are looking for is.
Jimmy: I need to find out about the west african bull frog.
Bryan: Use google

Jimmy: How do you spell Chihuahua?
Bryan: I dunno, Google it.
by Burkus November 15, 2008
An assault rifle developed in Russia by Mikial Kalashnikov, fires 7.62x39mm ammunition and is the most widespread firearm of the 20th century. It is so simple my 10 year old brother could use it. Requires very little cleaning.
The AK-47 can be dragged through dirt, and without any sort of cleaning whatsoever can still fire.
by Burkus November 18, 2008
Definition: A corrupted version of the word "owned". Due to the fact that the "P" and "O" keys on a standard QWERTY keyboard are so close together it can be easy to miss the "O" key and accidentally hit the "P" key. The word itself means to exel at the game or kill someone in a game.

Gamer 1: *Hides behind a wall*
Gamer 1: He'll never get me here.
Gamer 2: *Throws grenade over wall and it lands beside GAMER 1*
Gamer 1: OH SHIT!!!
*Grenade explodes*
Gamer 2: Pwned Noob!
by Burkus December 28, 2008
A Carbine version of the AK-74made in Russia for tank and helicopter crews and special forces. Fires the same 5.45x39mm ammo, similar to the case with the M4 Carbine and the M-16
In one video made by Osama Bin Laden an AK-74u is visible in the background.
by Burkus December 28, 2008
Supposedly the most advanced gameing system to date, overhyped, overpriced ($599 US), currently costs $399 USD but is still $100 more expencive than an Xbox 360. Has hardly any GOOD exclucive games. Also is the cheapest Blu-ray player out there and cooks a mean steak (Because it looks like a fucking George Forman grill!).
The worst selling console this generation.
Gamer 1: Dude, wanna play Resistance 2 on Playstation 3?
Gamer 2: No way, I'll stick with my Xbox 360...
Gamer 1: Microsoft fanboy!
Gamer 2: Graphics whore!
Gamer 1: 360 sucks!
Gamer 2: Have fun with your overpriced George Forman Grill!
Gamer 1: Fuck you!
by Burkus November 23, 2008
A word used to describe a person who is new to playing the game
supa1337killakapakopp Teamkills xXphiregodXx
by Burkus October 28, 2008
A series of games made by Activsion that generally take place in WW2, Producers alternate between Treyarch and Infinity Ward. Treyarch made Call of Duty 3, and World at War. Infinity Ward made Call of Duty, CoD2, and CoD4 (The best of the bunch). Almost as good as sex.
Gamer 1: Wanna play Call of Duty?
Gamer 2: Sure, witch one?
Gamer 1: 4, Duh!
by Burkus November 27, 2008

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