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A butchery of the word "boobs." Means "breasts."
OMG! Shirlie has teh bewbs!!!!
by Burkshifter February 12, 2005
A sekzy way of spelling "porn."

Wow, this p0rn site sure is great, my parents probably won't check their favorites!
by Burkshifter February 12, 2005
1. Someone who sucks (metaphorically or literally)
2. Short for sukzasaurus
3. A vacuum cleaner
1. Jon is teh sukzor. OR Jon is a man-eating sukzor!
2. OMG! a man-eating sukzor!
3. This shop-vac is teh sukzor!
by Burkshifter March 02, 2005
When a person spreads their anus by pulling apart their buttocks.
n00b: Hi! I'm new here!
Experienced elder: Google image search for goatse with SafeSearch off!
by Burkshifter May 29, 2005
1. Adjetive form of "buttsekz"
2. Hot
1. j00 r a very buttsekzy person

2. Ouch! That stove is buttsekzy!
by Burkshifter February 12, 2005
1. An extremely sekzy person.

2. Short for "sekzasaurus."
1. OMG!!! j00 R teh sekzor!!!

2. OMG!!! It's a man-eating sekzor!
by Burkshifter February 12, 2005
The adjetive form of "pwn."

Very good; pwns
OMG!!! Shirlie's bewbs R pwnarific!!!
by Burkshifter February 12, 2005
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