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dog shit that has fungus which has turned white and becomes furry in appearance, causing it to resemble a kitten.
Is that a kitten on the ground?
No, its just a shit-kitty.
by Burke July 11, 2005
homie, e- can be substituted for the first letter of homie's name if appropriate. ex. andy would become a-nilla, up to user
thats my e-nilla, what up e-nilla
by burke January 31, 2005
The act of calling some one of Canadian descent queer because they play baseball.
Geoff, ur such a motha fuckin Burkesaqueer man.
by Burke January 16, 2004
Becca's way of saying friggin awesome coolness. Sometimes associated with a feeling of joy, or a relief of burden.
i'll sit in my room and blare the used and sing along...and like i swear its like all the bad stuff in my life goes away and and like i feel... orgazmic
by Burke April 06, 2005

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