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Too many to count, mostly used in industry where counting things comes up but it could also be used in every day language, as in:
Q: damn looket all dem foos! how many u think there are?
the number of bacterial colonies on my peetre dish was over 200 therefour it was TMTC.

pennies in the jar are TMTC
by Burger Lord November 02, 2004
though usually used to discribe a succusfull basketball player or a gangsta who "makes it big" its also commonly used in the paintball community to discribe anyone who paintballs, esp someone who paintballs very well (see agg)
(after getting shot in the ear from point blank range) damn that guys a baller.
you down to do some ball'n this weekend?
by Burger Lord November 02, 2004
Really drunk: see housed and shithoused
Man I got horked last night, I feel like shit.
by Burger Lord December 15, 2004

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