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The lonely and much feared Jaffy, also known as "Jaggy" "Jaggermeister" "Jaffinator" "Great Jafsky" are the more common names for this horrific beast of a man. Jaffys are brought into this world for 2 reasons, To fear and to collect Gigs. Recently, there was an attack outside of town dealing with this dangerous manimal. I have quotes of an interview, from the young lady who was attacked by this thing.

News Team: Ma'am, what were you doing out so late?
Girl: I was taking my evening walk, and all of a sudden, something popped out of the bushes.
News Team: Ma'am, could you explain to everyone what this "thing" was that popped out of the bushes?
Girl: It was very dark, and all i can really say is, he was large and hairy, also had a very very unfair stench.
News Team: Could you explain what he tryed to do?
Girl: No, all i heard was him running around yelling something about...."gigs"? Im not sure.
News Team:....wow....Im sorry but this thing you encountered is still on the loose, wed recomend you stay indoors, and have an air freshner with you at all times becuase his stench traveles very quickly and ruthlessly. Did he mention his name?
Girl: Nor
News Team: Well, we cant assume anything quite yet, we still need to find out what These "gigs" he/shes talking about.
News Team: Well, well have to refer to him as the Great Jaggy.
Jaffy can be used as a noun, pronoun, adjective, adverb, and pronorn

1 ."Fear me for i am Jaffy"
2 ."Yeah I saw that horrifying Jaggy the other night"

by Burdwink August 25, 2006

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