3 definitions by Bunzobunzo

Water, when said by New Yorkers
-Gonna need some wotuh!
by Bunzobunzo November 14, 2006
1. An embarrassed apology, with acknowledgement that your actions might have led to an epidemic of global proportions.
2. An apology made after giving someone SARS.
-Dude, why did you break that test tube?! We're all going to die!
-Whoops, sarsy!
-No prob.
by Bunzobunzo November 14, 2006
(n.) Used mostly by kids, a bwuck is a unit of currency that appears to be a normal buck but is actually worth much more.
-Guess what, I got fifteen bwucks for my birthday!!
-Fifteen BWUCKS?!?!?
by Bunzobunzo November 14, 2006

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