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It means no I don't know what you're saying I don't know because I don't have the knowledge, but yeah you could be right.

I agree with your negative statement, so I will exclaim in a negative way, and then I will give a positive reaction that I agree.

Naaah, yeah.
Stroker: I can't imagine ever using the term 'Nah yeah'

Jone: Nah...... yeah.
by Bunzenjane August 13, 2011
A crazy woman.

The expression is taken from the film 'Wayne's World'. Lara Flynn Boyle's character presents Wayne with a Gun Rack as a birthday present because she is crazy. Therefore all crazy bitches are now just called "Gun Racks"
That girl scratched my back up real bad then broke in to my house and stole my underwear. She's a total gun rack.
by Bunzenjane November 27, 2014
The moment of time when you were looking particularly unattractive, that was your Ming Dynasty.
Oh Cheryl before I got my really good hair straighteners it was the Ming Dynasty.

Dave mate, before I cut off my dreadlocks and lost all that weight I was living in the Ming Dynasty. I get all the bitches now.
by Bunzenjane April 16, 2010

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