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Literotica is more that just written porn, it has more appeal that actual porn because instead of bad actors there are real characters with real stories and the sex is better because there is a non-unusual reason to it --Maybe when two old friends get together for a drink and end up falling in love and having great sex. Although you can find mother-son and MILF literotica because they give more story than just a MILF wanting a fuck.
literotica exert:

She looked good; her tits popping out of a shirt too small for her. Dinner went quick and he anticipated the night ahead...

...She smiled hungrily when she saw his massive, neglected 9" and he groaned in suppressed pleasure when she dropped to her knees and swallowed it whole.

Soon he was hard at 10" and pulled away her talented mouth, spinning her over so that he was on top. He smiled down at her & she smiled two; especially when he started moving down her body, delving his tongue into her sweet depths.

Soon he moved up because this girl was just too hot not to slam into. Her pussy was tight and her moans plus the arch of her back spurred him on to a rhythmic pace.

"FUCK YEAH! THAT'S WHAT I WANT! GIVE ME THAT FUCKING HARD COCK LIKE YOU MEAN IT!!" Her outburst surprised him but he enjoyed the dirty talk and picked up the pace. "YES, OH MY GOD THAT'S GOOD! FUCKING TAKE MY PUSSY! YES!" He came pretty quickly after she did, because her pussy clenched so hard as squirts of her juice squeezed out around his cock.
He fell down on top of her and she laughed, "Is that all? I thought we were going all night?"
He smiled and picked her up, shoved her against the wall face first, and drove into her pussy from behind, wondering if he'd get her ass later...
by Bunny_ears October 09, 2010
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