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207 definitions by Bungalow Bill

the occurrence of a bodily emission below the waist when one's underwear and/or pants are still being worn, involving either unine or semen.
"I tried to get to the bathroom as fast as I could when I had to take that leak but no dice...spillage in the village, just outside the door!"

"That hot stripper gave me such an awesome lap dance that the inevitable spillage in the village happened before the song was even over!"
by Bungalow Bill February 02, 2008
a falsehood, a sham, an outright lie!

the phrase "selling a bill of goods" basically means making promises that knowingly can't or won't be kept.
political candidates always try to sell voters a bill of goods in order to get elected to office.
by bungalow bill February 12, 2005
describing an idea that in theory seems ideal, but when put to actual use invariably will be flawed, or not be as simple as first perceived.
"the figures look right on paper, but I think its gonna cost a little more than a g-note to open a club!"
by bungalow bill February 03, 2005
v. to see.
I viddy how it is. You don't love me anymore.
by Bungalow Bill December 21, 2001
monetary earnings, profits etc. resulting from any enterprise or venture.
the nightclub's take from this past weekend wasn't as high as expected, so the management suspected a little skimming was going on.
by bungalow bill November 04, 2005
confidential; inside information only between tow parties
"let's keep this info closed circuit, at least till we hear more from the bmoc."
by bungalow bill March 01, 2005
term for someone or something that was at their prime before going downhill
thanks to her jennie craig gig, kirstie alley is rapidly approaching her pre-war appearance!
she's starting to look pretty sweet again i gotta say.....
by bungalow bill January 13, 2006