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The vicious, entrapping cycle of clicking intriguing link after intriguing link in Wikipedia.
I only wanted to know what a merkin was, but ended up wasting three hours caught in a wikiloop.
by Bundy Fett March 16, 2007
When a man or woman chooses to ignore all phone calls, texts, emails, etc. from a romantically interested individual as a mechanism for rejection.
Chris: How are things going with that girl you met?
Tim: Total media blackout. She won't return a single phone call or text message.
by Bundy Fett August 25, 2009
The event where a man defecates on a woman's chest and proceeds to titty-fuck her. Also known as a chili dog.
Most women do not respond well to The Richards
by Bundy Fett December 06, 2005
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