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Becoming so anihilated drunk that you start pushing chairs around.
The chairs may be bar stools, rocking chairs, or any other form of sitting furniture.
Most commonly done at a bar in front of a large group of witnesses but may also be done in other venues.
Exception: other forms of stationary objects may be substituted. In example: slot machines, trees, tables, etc
Shane "what are you up to brian?"
Brian "Hatin' chairs"


"I was totally hatin' chairs last night"
by bundas May 12, 2010
Phrase meaning - Fully reachable through on-line chat, email, and phone. Typically used in an collaborative work setting to denote that you will be out of office, but easily reachable. Originating in the southeast, it may be a derivation stemming from the old office mail suction tubes - "able to be reached through the tubes".
I'm working from home today "in the tube".
by Bundas April 30, 2013

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