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3 definitions by Bummy Raditz

Anybody who's been exploited, usually sexually, while drugged unconscious or otherwise helpless.
While in his hospital bed and unconscious, he committed statutory rape. He can't possibly recall anything about getting dunpild (done pilled) the way he was.
by Bummy Raditz February 09, 2008
4 0
1. Any Chinese person who intentionally kills poeple (including babies) abroad by selling junk that's not only defective but also lethally dangerous.

2. A Chinese person who is sympathetic to Communism.
Chinuts are baby killers, don't buy any Chinese junk.
by Bummy Raditz October 13, 2007
9 5
A branding iron that can also be used for roasting overcoats.
To get out of a wooden box, Cousin Tex had to burn his way out with his burnit.
by Bummy Raditz April 12, 2008
4 2