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retarded fucks at guitar.com's "misc" forum who write bullshit like the following.....

execute all african-americans 20 satch22

By skaman7 5-10-2004 10:59:17 PM
By joniox 5-10-2004 10:58:26 PM
By pheasantrevolt 5-10-2004 10:57:48 PM
By satch22 5-10-2004 10:57:39 PM
By Arlo__ 5-10-2004 10:57:19 PM

Member: Madness_5 contact this member
5-10-2004 10:50:25 PM
i prefer "hang all nizzles"

Member: joniox contact this member
5-10-2004 10:50:29 PM
Hang all niggas.

Member: satch22 contact this member
5-10-2004 10:52:56 PM
hizzle all nizzles?

Member: joniox contact this member
5-10-2004 10:54:25 PM
hangas ol niggas

Member: pleasesirs contact this member
5-10-2004 10:51:51 PM
burn all monkeys

bunch of Canadian fuckheads
by Bumhole McSquirt May 14, 2004

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