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A male in his teens or early tweeties who is either unexperienced with sex or just lacks any form of technique. He just jabs in and out hard and fast with no concern for the pleasure of his partner.
Sara: Ok give me the details from Friday night ... how was the boy you took home?
Kelly: Oh he was just your typical energizer bunny with no form at all.
Sara: Humm I think we need to move up an age bracket to cut down on all this bad sex we've been having.
by Bumble B July 01, 2007
A female who is abhorrent in her nature. She is loose, a whore, a slut, a dirty tramp ... you get what I mean.

This saying is used by other girls who may be of low social standing themselves. Occasionally this saying is used by high class women, but only when it is really necessary.
Hot guy approaches hot girl
Hot guy makes his move
Hot girl's friend, Megan moves in and cracks onto hot guy
Hot girl walks away
Another friend asks hot girl "what's wrong?"
Hot girl says "Megan is a fucking mole!"
by Bumble B October 05, 2007

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