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A vagina that has so many warts on it and is so wrinkled that it gives the impression of serious pickles!
your dog hotmailed me, saw that picture, and have a pickled Vag
by bum-cum August 15, 2008
when you shove your balls in a shemans ass, and one of your balls rip out of your sack and become "hidden"
ooh sheman you give a good hidden howie!
by Bum-Cum August 15, 2008
once upon a time a man was white and then he got stupit an also he stait out in da sun to long and he got brown, so if a nigga be actin all old an shit he be a "the first nigger ever" also he love chicken and FRIED!
adam k. jus said "black men have wide noses so they can eat women viggerously and still be able to brethe" also he is the first nigger ever!
by bum-cum August 15, 2008
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