24 definitions by Bum Stiggity Bum

Basically a slang genius. He just invents slang all day and listens to Das EFX.
-Hey where's Bum Stiggity Bum?
-Droppin' knowledge on Urban Dictionary.
by Bum Stiggity Bum February 14, 2010
One who is not yet schooled in the ways of electronic mail, or e-mail as some say. Said individual may not know how to forward an e-mail, attach a file to an e-mail, or add recipients to an e-mail. In extreme cases, the e-tard may not even have an e-mail account.
-Should i forward this link to Will?
-Don't bother, he's a total e-tard. He probably won't even be able to open it.
by Bum Stiggity Bum February 17, 2011
a variant of the english language featuring acronyms usually only encountered in text messages and electronic mail correspondences
-OMG WTF is his problem?
-excuse me?
-oh sry just using lolspeak
by Bum Stiggity Bum November 07, 2010

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