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Balut is a filipino word which is a type of food. It is basically a cooked undeveloped egg of a chick. It is often used as a slang to call someone.
"wassup balut"
"i like to eat balut"
"balut was featured in fear factor"
by Bum December 08, 2004
Shark City is another name for San Jose, California where the San Jose Sharks play.
Im from the Shark City where the sharks play.
by Bum December 08, 2004
Kuti in Punjab means bitch. It is a common word throughout America. You can either say it to an Indian breezy or any other,either one. It can also be used towards you homies.
"wassup kuti"
"Kuti alamoe"
"di di ma di kuti"
by Bum December 08, 2004
the most notorious neighborhood in the east side san jose,ca. Foxdale is full of bums, vietnamese,mexicans, blacks. Once in the hood, there is a great chance you will be mugged.
Foxdale Apartments is right off capitol expressway in the east side of san jose. If you enter, beware.
by Bum December 08, 2004
A drinking game, though its more of a contest of bladder control. Tape a forty (40oz malt liquor) into each of yours hands. You may not remove a forty until it is completely empty
This kid pissed he pants playing forty hands. He lost
by bum February 18, 2005
a girl u love..a girl u wanna share every moment with..a girl who u wanna spend the rest of your life wit..a girl whos always there for u through the good and the bad
by BUM July 21, 2003
burning hashish on the end of a pin like on cheech and chong
toke....toke it out man
by bum December 07, 2003

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