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Also known as Ving Tsun, is a failed martial arts system that claims scientific backing but has none to verify its 'efficient movements.' The tendency of Wing Chunners is to avoid grappling at all costs and most recently many attempts have been made to 'anti-grapple' (all of these moves are dependent upon a grappler that doesn't know how to shoot or lock in a kimura). Most recently Wing Chun has gone from 'the ultimate style' to a 'too deadly for the octagon' street fighting system. Of course, proponents of this seem to lack logic, namely:

If the 'legal' moves of a system can't put down an opponent, how does it expect to manage against other systems that can? And even further, if a system is incapable of being utilized in a one-on-one environment that is, for the most part, no-holds-barred, how can it possibly be utilized against multiple attackers, or attackers with weapons?

Any art that claims to take a decade to see any kind of progression is a fraud and utterly pointless.
Wing Chun fails against Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu regularly - there's a reason it has yet to show up in MMA.

Kung Fu is dominated by foolish Eastern mysticism and is theory - nothing more.

Kung Fu guy: If a grappler tries to take me to the ground, I'll resist and if he does get me down, I'll eye gouge.

Grappler: Good luck, my martial art specializes in take downs against resisting opponents and gaining control on the ground - meaning I choose who gets the blunt end of a take down and I choose what happens to that arm of yours when you try to eye gouge. Moron.

Royce Gracie won UFC 1 and 2. Wing Chun didn't bother showing up.
by BullshidoFTW January 15, 2008

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