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1.The homosexual act of releasing semen in another man's ashole and retrieving it with a spoon
2.One who mellonballs
The Cookie Monster says 'I lkie to mellonball that horny bitch Oscar!'
by Bullfrog February 08, 2003
False emotion used to extract loyalty from people you actually don't respect.
Sorry, i only ruined your life because i love you
by bullfrog April 06, 2013
1) Material that resembels a saran wrap, bubble wrap hybrid. It is often used to tightly wrap small materials.
2) Slang term referring to small condomns.
1) Did you wrap the olives with shrinkwrap like I told you to?
2) At the annual chodefest of 2002, it was shrinkwrap for everyone!!!!!!
by Bullfrog March 03, 2003
Slang for "retard" or one who is mentally challenged. It is a term commonly used on Instant Messenger and is said to have even originated there. Some in fact only use it when Online.
Dan: Hey Pat, I think you are a re-re! What do you think of that?
Pat: Well Dan, I think you are a fucking asshole because we are supposed to use that word Online only!
Dan: Well at least I like women!
Pat: Damn! You got me there...
by Bullfrog April 21, 2003
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