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The Bloody Malone is to have sex with a woman in such a position that her legs are over your head and there is a pillow underneath her ass, Much like the conventional missionary although you must penetrate so hard and fast that she bleeds vaginally.
Guy 1: Man, I had some awesome sex last night
Guy 2: Yeah? tell me about it
Guy 1: Awh I gave it to her so hard I gave her a Bloody Malone
by Bullet Rico June 21, 2010
The Bullet, Formerly known as face-down is when one or more people pull there trousers and pants down lift there shirt up and lay face down on the ground with there hands on there back.
There are many forms of bullets including trick bullets (bulleting an object land mark or even person) or danger Bullets (Bulleting the top of a bridge or bulleting somewhere where authorities will see)
Guy 1: Awh man now that were in paris whats the first thing you want to do?
Guy 2: Ehh... Bullet the Eiffel Tower of course!
by Bullet Rico July 05, 2010
Pops, This man of great strength, intellect, an amazing lover and cook.
Also known for his creation of the bullet
Girl 1: Oh look theres Pops!
Girl 2: Lets get him to bullet us!
by Bullet Rico June 21, 2010

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