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1. An unpleasant or unintelligent person.
2. A person who is addicted to the aroma (odor) of the penis.
Originated in the East End of London in 1836. Was often used by Town-Cryers.
1. Stop being such a dick-sniffer and let me pay by credit card.
2. Do not go in the rest-room. I hear the dick-sniffer is on the prowl.
by Bulbudda Ramujasbah July 18, 2004
a vagina, either containing or adjacent to testicles.
Word originated in India (Calcutta) in 1953. First used by well-known poet (and raging alcoholic) Rajah Shavasinj.
Damn! I paid ten dollars for this ho, and she/ he has a ballsgina. Ugh!
by Bulbudda Ramujasbah July 16, 2004
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