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1. to dominate, own, or pown someone as to make them look as if you ejaculated on their face!

2. to sneak up on someone and render them unconcious via a beat down
I just bukoked that newb.
by Bukok Clan January 26, 2006
from the spanish "come pinga"
1. literally a dick eater
2. an asshole, douche, fuckwad, or other negative word for a general idiot particularly, guys with mustangs, camaros, dropped wanna-be fast hondas or dropped F-150s. The average college frat boy dickhead.
Why is that guy still using the dragon ball z style blowout hair cut? Cause he's a fucking C.P. I bet he drives a mustang.
by Bukok Clan January 26, 2006
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