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The process in which friend's you no longer talk to, interact with or even know are slowly removed from your friends list, manually!
539 friends.
58 Real Friends, 32 family members and the odd stalker.

Time for a Facecull me thinks ;)
#facecull #facekill #friend removal #non-friend removal #facekull
by Bukk Trend October 18, 2010
For when a straight forward answer to a yes or no question just won't do.

Often used as a form of confusion or topic diversion.
Dave: Hey we're all off out tonight, should be a blast.

John: Oh right. cool.

Dave: So, you coming out tonight then?

John: What's the difference?
#yes #no #what's t'difference? #diversion #maybe
by Bukk Trend February 03, 2011
The period of time in which bashing, knocking or dropping your new phone becomes acceptable.
John: hey is that a new phone!

Dave: Yeah got it yesterday! Here look.
(drops phone uncoolly whilst showing it off to his mate)

Dave: Damn it!
(checks it over thoroughly to make sure its still intact!)

** Classic case of new phone syndrome! Give it a week. **
#new phone #phone #phones #mobile #mobiles #uncoolly
by Bukk Trend March 17, 2011
Subliminal tweeting is the art of tweeting, but deleting it straight after.

People see it but then it's gone... did they really see it??
Dude no. 1: "Dude did you see that on twitter about.."
Dude no. 2: "No dude, show us..."
Dude no. 1: "Oh it was there a minute ago..."

Dude no. 2: "Dude did you actually see it?"
Dude no. 1: "Course man. Defo a case of subliminal tweeting, right there!"
#subtweeting #subliminal tweet #subtweetage #hidden tweet #deleted tweets
by Bukk Trend September 04, 2010
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