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Find a large rectangular casserole dish. Layer two inches of Ranch Style beans with chopped onion combined with a jar of minced garlic and a dozen chopped hard boiled eggs. Puree a pound of boiled brussel sprouts with heavy cream and spread over the beans. Brown a pound of spicy breakfast sausage and layer over the puree. Prepare one box of Stove Top cornbread stuffing and layer on top. Garnish with anything that looks creative and causes gas.
If people are reluctant to try the Gasserole, you may puree the dish in a blender and serve in one of those cool looking sombrero hat style chip and dip plates. Guaranteed to liven things up in the office.
We were supposed to have another boring pot luck dinner at work so I made a Gasserole to inflate the fun factor.
by Bugsy McDingle December 02, 2012
Involves wearing a Texas catheter (condom style urinary catheter) and concealing it in your pants, sock and shoe. A hole is cut in the soul of the shoe permitting exit of the catheter tube. Ideal for work when you are unhappy with the general environment. One can soil the elevator carpeting on the way up and mingle around the office during the day causing the unpleasant aroma of urine. It can be utilized at will but don't cause suspicion by drinking water all day long.
I was written up and got a pay cut all in the same day so later that week after a trip to the medical supply store, I did the Texas Wet Step for some discrete revenge.
by Bugsy McDingle December 02, 2012
Popular fraternity hazing ritual where seniors stand in a line and drop pants. The new guy is expected to blow them all. They pee in his mouth, hence the name "Polish Soda Fountain".
The new guy was excited to join Delta Tau Chi but didn't expect the Polish Soda Fountain to leave such a bad taste in his mouth.
by Bugsy McDingle November 24, 2012
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