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To be drug down a gravel road, usually behind some sort of machine, such as a pickup. Sometimes people, but more often bikes, refrigerators, dryers, or shopping carts.
That hobo in the shopping cart sure could gravel ski!
by Buford November 12, 2003
Hershey kiss shaped turd that gets stuck (and hangs) from the long hairs around your asshole.

Not to be confused with a brand name of french fried onions put on the top of Green Bean Casserole(Durkee)- (Similar Smell) but not the same.
I think a squished a dupee between my cheeks-

Is that a toliet paper ball or a dupee?
by Buford December 22, 2005
Snore job: The only way a married man can get a blow job from his wife, ie: The Honeymoon is over
1. Man that woman can snore...she's going to suck the blankets off the bed..oh wait a minute- What baby? you say you want to give Big Poppa a "Snore job"

by Buford December 22, 2005
What's expelled in the toliet after a long night of drinking buttwiper beer
Sorry, I used the towel to wipe the slurry off my back
by Buford December 22, 2005
Pre-Menstrual Sushi: Un-cooked red snapper rolled in toliet paper, wrapped with a cotton string for easy serving-Best when eaten on a Summers eve.
That Japanese restaraunt had great egg-rolls- But the PMS (Pre-Menstrual Sushi) and Wasabe sauce had the perfect mix of flavor and texture. Can I get a doggy bag?
by Buford December 22, 2005

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