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A slick, slimy, sociopath bastard. The kind of pusbag who would pimp their grandma for the key to the executive washroom. An honest-to-goodness first class ass.
The only way that a snobgoblin like <insert dirtbag> would be useful is if you shoved a lump of coal up their tightass and made a diamond.
by BuffBoy June 26, 2011
(noun) An intense atmosphere of tension between two or more males that may spontaneously erupt into testosterone induced violence.

Formula to calculate pricktion:
(# males) x (# drinks) + (days witout sex)^2 = pricktion
After fifteen beers each at the titty bar, the pricktion between Neil and Bob over who would ride shotgun, was escalating exponentially.
by BuffBoy June 26, 2011
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