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Someone black/white who's not sure of their identity; stuck between two worlds
Dan Adams is black when he wants to be black, but is a registered Republican...he's an Oreo Cookie
by Buff Man October 22, 2004
A guy that prides himself first and foremost on looks, and cares very little about substance...common side effect is desert dick
Allan Matus spends $350 at the Lacoste store, but can't tell you the two presidential candidates...what a male bimbo
by Buff Man October 22, 2004
Someone that doesn't weightlift; looks under-weight for their size, lacking strength
Benjamin Farber is a skinny rat
by Buff Man October 21, 2004
A guy who wears glasses to hide his real identity, often with a fake nose and bad hair ensemble.

dunna dunna dunna dunna, dunna dunna dunna dunna..BUFF MAN!!!
Guy 1: WOW! There goes Buff Man!
Guy 2: No, thats just some guy with glasses
Guy 1: No it is him, he's got shit hair
Guy 2: Oh yeah...
by Buff Man February 07, 2004

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