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Descriptive terminology used in reference to a Hungarian Gypsy or a Gypsy of Hungarian descent;

a Gypsy who's body is seemingly well cared for, buff and chiseled from the excessive combined use and abuse of P90x videos and over-the-counter or black market steroids.
I learned to keep my distance from Todd at the gym as he was usually a tool most of the time, but was a definite Gypsy Chisel all of the time!

Walking downtown last weekend, I was forced to cross the street early for fear of my own safety, to avoid this Gypsy Chisel walking out of BALCO.

I normally take my coffee with cream before a good workout, but seldom use the Gypsy Chisel formula of combining Human Growth Hormone, Modafinil, Testosterone cream, and Tetrahydrogestrinone with my beverage of choice.

The Gypsy Chisel always blames the dog for his flatulence caused by his high protein diet.
by Buff, Built, Adam, Adonis November 02, 2010

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